Buying Tips

Whether you are purchasing a property as a first home buyer or a seasoned investor – it is important to follow the basic rules.

The contents below will not cover all the do’s and don’ts of purchasing real estate but will help lay the foundations.


If you are uncertain on any aspect of purchasing, remember that we are here to assist you with any queries whether they are prior to, during or after you have purchased.

It is very important to set yourself a limit that you are comfortable with and seek pre-approval. Be mindful that interest rates fluctuate, so it is wise to calculate your figures based on a slight increase, so you are not impacted as much if and when they do increase.

Setting a comfortable limit will help you in your search for the ideal property.

When you are calculating your limit make sure that you allow for additional expenses incurred in purchasing, such as legal fees, stamp duty and any others that may apply to you.  


Your price range will be a big determining factor regarding location. With consideration to your personal lifestyle, try and reduce the number of preferred locations and consider the amenities available such as schools, transport, shopping, parks, and recreational areas that each location has to offer.

Property Features

The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and car spaces are essential requirements, but you should also consider other features that are not negotiable such as steps, air conditioning, maintenance free gardens and so on. Think about your current home and your new home must or must not have. This will help you narrow down the properties that are suitable and save you time. If you provide all this information to our agents, we will ensure that we only contact you when we have a suitable property for your consideration.